Wall Art

Bring your walls to life with premium illuminating art
Goodbye paint, hello light.

Paintings, posters, canvas art are out-dated. Bring your walls to life with our premium hand-crafted LED Neon illuminated art and let your room make a statement from the future.

alex bellas collection

Extremely limited illuminated art pieces made in collaboration with Australian Mural Artist and Painter Alexandra Bellas.


Why illuminating art

modern lighting

Our hand-made art pieces make a statement on your walls and illuminate your rooms.

eye catching

We're naturally drawn to light as humans. Our pieces will have you and your guests staring in awe, appreciating art like never before.


Our pieces are literally re-defining wall-art. Become a part of the illuminated movement and let your walls stand out from the crowd.

customize your neon

Design your own LED neon for your home or business in just minutes by simply sending us a photo.


Combine art and illumination in one package with interior decor like you've never seen before